As a small business, Amelia island Wine Company has partnered with RECORK to take your used corks out for landfills and recycle them into sustainable products.


If you're like me you like wine...

and with every bottle traditionally comes a cork. Instead of letting them pile up in the back of your cabinet for that art project you'll "get to tomorrow" not give back to the world?


We encourage you to bring your corks into Amelia Island Wine Company and recycle them in our collection bins. As a partner with RECORK, we ship the corks to them and RECORK recycles and repurposes them with their large network of recycling partners. They then grind the corks down into recyclable sustainable items like yoga blocks, surfboard pads and even soles for shoes. Recycling your natural wine corks with us ensures that the cork you provide will be used to replace environmentally harmful, petroleum-based materials in consumer products.

Recycle your corks, buy products made from cork, and encourage others to recycle their corks—it's that easy!